Computational Model of Sense Making – A High Level Approach

Sense making refers to how we structure the unknown so as to be able to act in it [1]Weick, Karl E.; Sutcliffe, Kathleen M., and Obstfeld, David. Organizing and the process of sense making. Organization Science, 16(4):409{421, 2005. doi: 10.1287/orsc.1050.0133.. Sense making involves coming up with a plausible understanding, a map, of a shifting world;… Continue reading Computational Model of Sense Making – A High Level Approach

Flame – Codeless Test Automation – Part 1

The countdown to the MVP launch of our codeless software test automation platform, Flame, has started (we are aiming to officially launch on 30/06/2021). In this spirit, we are writing few educational pieces on test automation in general and our codeless platform in particular. Our software developer, Minduli, has written an interesting piece on test… Continue reading Flame – Codeless Test Automation – Part 1

Future of Test Automation (2021)

Atalgo Computing is a specialist technology consulting with experience in enterprise test automation. By virtue of seeing up close and being part of various product engineering and quality engineering initiatives, we have developed decent competency in test automation and overall DevOps based automations. Test automation field is changing fast and there is an expectation from… Continue reading Future of Test Automation (2021)