Flame as an Intelligent Knowledge Engineering Platform

Flame is flagship AI platform developed by Atalgo Engineering to enable enterprises to utilize computational intelligence to solve complex business problems. The Flame’s philosophy is to build a computational model of an enterprise as an operating environment for technical and business process to be AI augmented. This is a massive undertaking and our our approach… Continue reading Flame as an Intelligent Knowledge Engineering Platform

Flame – AI Augmented Problem Solver

A powerful AI platform will be expected to solve complex problems efficiently and effectively. Flame as a world changing AI augmented problem solver is expected to work at the level where it can help enterprises and individuals solve complex problems using machine learning and intelligent knowledge engineering. The vision of Flame involves behaving like an… Continue reading Flame – AI Augmented Problem Solver

Intellomatics – Part 1

Introduction This study aims to establish “experience” as a super set of consciousness and deal with the study of consciousness from a higher and more abstract level. For want of a better term, I am calling this research work Intellomatics. Intellomatics is about the abstract analysis of experiences. I hypothesise that the experience is non-computable… Continue reading Intellomatics – Part 1

Flame – Codeless Test Automation – Part 1

The countdown to the MVP launch of our codeless software test automation platform, Flame, has started (we are aiming to officially launch on 30/06/2021). In this spirit, we are writing few educational pieces on test automation in general and our codeless platform in particular. Our software developer, Minduli, has written an interesting piece on test… Continue reading Flame – Codeless Test Automation – Part 1