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I am a technology entrepreneur and consultant with deep interests in Enterprise Product Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering. I am founder and managing director of a technology startup, Atalgo. Atalgo specializes in Enterprise AI and Data Engineering.

Back in 2018-19, I was pursuing Higher Degree by Research in Computational Sense Making from University of Technology, Sydney, however, due to personal and start up commitments, I had to put my formal education on hold. As an independent researcher, I am actively exploring some unsolved problems in the fields of Computational Intelligence, Consciousness, and AGI. I am also a curious thinker about the impact of technology on society, social upliftment, equity and rational thinking. I am founding member of Humanists Perth (an organization under the umbrella of Humanists Australia) and closely associated with relevant social activities. Apart from my startup commitments, I like to spend time with my wife, Sania, and son, Kabir.

I am available for consulting and strategy assignments in the space of Enterprise Product Engineering, Enterprise AI and Data Engineering. You can reach out to me at