Flame – AI Augmented Problem Solver

A powerful AI platform will be expected to solve complex problems efficiently and effectively. Flame as a world changing AI augmented problem solver is expected to work at the level where it can help enterprises and individuals solve complex problems using machine learning and intelligent knowledge engineering. The vision of Flame involves behaving like an… Continue reading Flame – AI Augmented Problem Solver

Flame – Enterprise AI Platform

Flame is an AI platform for enterprises. This is an ambitious project undertaken by Atalgo Engineering team where we are aspiring to model all the processes of an enterprise on a single platform and build a comprehensive knowledge base of the organization which can be exploited by Generative AI to automate and smarten various tasks.… Continue reading Flame – Enterprise AI Platform

Enterprise Applications of Generative AI – A Perspective

Generative AI has created lot of excitement in the industry and AI research community in past few months. We have seen explosion of various SaaS products and services as a result of the exposure of GPT-3 and other products from OpenAI to general public. This has allowed experts as well as average curious person to… Continue reading Enterprise Applications of Generative AI – A Perspective

Happy 2023

The year 2022 was filled with lot of exciting development as well as turmoil. The year gone by just now has also set the tone for some exciting developments in technology. Most notable in my view are the tractions Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) have been able to achieve in such a short… Continue reading Happy 2023

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Multidimensional complexity of enterprise product engineering

My experience with regards to enterprise product engineering is that the main reason for the complexity in such projects is that enterprise product engineering is a multi-dimensional problem. The implementation plan needs to take multiple dimensions of the requirements into account. This is seldom planned in detail in the early stages of the project and… Continue reading Multidimensional complexity of enterprise product engineering

My notes on Jeremy Lent’s “The Web of Meaning”

I just finished the book by Jeremy Lent titled “The Web of Meaning”. I found this book extremely engaging and thought as it deals with lots of topics I am deeply interested in.  This book has sort of validated lot of my thinking about the nature of  consciousness, meaning of life and  how everything seems… Continue reading My notes on Jeremy Lent’s “The Web of Meaning”

APEM – Atalgo Product Engineering Methodology

Enterprise product engineering is a complex beast. It involves navigating in a very  complex ecosystem of various tech stacks, stakeholders and different concurrently running projects. Also, there is a huge cultural dimension to the delivery of any successful enterprise project and this is also driven by complex legacy procurement and contract processes. I have been… Continue reading APEM – Atalgo Product Engineering Methodology

Intellomatics – Part 1

Introduction This study aims to establish “experience” as a super set of consciousness and deal with the study of consciousness from a higher and more abstract level. For want of a better term, I am calling this research work Intellomatics. Intellomatics is about the abstract analysis of experiences. I hypothesise that the experience is non-computable… Continue reading Intellomatics – Part 1